• churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-arrival-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-in-the-tents-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-doing-adventure-rock-climbing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-doing-adventure-rock-climbing-rajgarh-on-high-rock-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-a-view-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • visitors-of-churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-enjoying-fresh-morning
  • churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-adventure-activities-flying-fox
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-near-churwadhar-camping
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh Visitors from abroad during a trekk to Churdhar
  • Visitors-performing-Rock-Climbing-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajagarh-Himachal-Pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-rock-climbing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-ice-skiing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
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About Us

Churwadhar Camping: It is situated at an altitude of 6800feet & 5 KM from the Rajgarh on Nohra Dhar road. It is the central located place of the area. The camping site is located on the top of the hill covered by orchard of Apple, Peach and Apricot.

Churwadhar Camping has its own natural beauty. Maditation Hut along with the camp site makes it as a paradise. Enjoyable and enlighted Maditation and Yoga practices with deep bliss music give enlightment and stressless life. So plan your vacations and weekend to Dream Destination Camp, so that we can give you our best services.


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Camping Address

Churwadhr Camping
Rajgarh, Sirmour,
Himachal Pradesh - 173101


This is the best time to visit Churwadhar Camping. Orchards are full of flowers. Enjoy green meadows and tree shadows.

Quick Contacts

Churwadhr Camping
Phone:+91 98053-52688