Churwadhar Camping: A Transit Point to Churdhar

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Churwadhar Camping is very much easy in reach, just 5 kms from Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh. The total distance from Chandigarh is about 110 kms and acts as a transit point to Churdhar. Drive here and instantly be surrounded by the thick dense woods and the bird calls that come from everywhere. Also be surrounded with beautiful orchards, which is a beautiful experience and a particular delight when they are in bloom. You will find a dense cover of pine, deodar, kail and baan trees on all trekking trials here. The weather is usually pleasant throughout the year. Breathtaking view of hills, lush green forests and waterfalls. Guests can choose from a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy an exceptional adventure experience here. A perfect place to relish delicious traditional food. The view of mountains, the fooling around of monkeys with pine cones and the play of pups, the chirp of birds makes you feel so intimate to nature. The company of friends and family the feeling of being important brings a beautiful revitalization in you. This is where your journey begins. It feels like not just a campsite it feels like a paradise in nature. A good place for Photo Fanatics and Experience Seekers. Beautifully designed tents, splendidly idealised for that special trip. Nicely done up rooms will be another choice.

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