• churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-arrival-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-in-the-tents-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-doing-adventure-rock-climbing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
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  • visitors-of-churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-enjoying-fresh-morning
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  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-near-churwadhar-camping
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh Visitors from abroad during a trekk to Churdhar
  • Visitors-performing-Rock-Climbing-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajagarh-Himachal-Pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-rock-climbing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-ice-skiing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
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Explore your Adventure

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    Camping is an outdoor adventure activity. When campers leave urban areas, home region and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights at our campsite.

  • trekking-to-churdhar-churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh


    Trek is a long, adventurous journey undertaken on foot in main trekking areas like Churdhar, Gabba and nearby places.

  • rappelling-adventure-activity-churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh


    Rappelling meaning "to rope down or coming down from a high rock under experts guidelines". It is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope.

  • Rock-Climbing-Adventure-Activities-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing is an activity in which participants climb up the natural rock walls. The areas around Campsite form the core of Rock Climbing.

  • Ice-Skiing-Adventure-Activities-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    Ice Skiing

    Churwadhar Camping is one of the places where ice skiing is done with skiings and the snow slopes are used during winter.

  • cycling-activity-churwadhar-camping-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh


    Make yourself ready with us for high adventure with an expedition on cycles. You can pedal your way simply make a day-adventure.

  • River-Crossing-Adventure-Activities-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    River Crossing

    River Crossing means to get from one river bank to the other. It is often taken as adventure or sports.

  • Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh-Doing-Adventure-Activities-Flying-Fox

    Flying Fox

    Flying Fox for those who are looking for this adventure activity. Churwadhar Camping is just the right place.

  • Burma-Bridge-Activity-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    Burma Bridge

    In this activity you have to cross a bridge made up with ropes an woods. It may be a valuable lesson on survival in the wilderness.


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This is the best time to visit Churwadhar Camping. Orchards are full of flowers. Enjoy green meadows and tree shadows.

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