• churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-arrival-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-in-the-tents-at-base-camp-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
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  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh-near-churwadhar-camping
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visiting-waterfall-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh Visitors from abroad during a trekk to Churdhar
  • Visitors-performing-Rock-Climbing-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajagarh-Himachal-Pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-visitors-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-rock-climbing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
  • churwadhar-camping-adventure-activities-ice-skiing-rajgarh-himachal-pradesh
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Churwadhar Camping - Places to Visit

  • Churdhar-nearby-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh


    Churdhar, an Offbeat Mountain Destination. It lies 30 52' north and 77 32' east with altitude of 12000ft. Pleasant climate during Summer, cold during winter.

Haripurdhar Temple nearby Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh


    Haripurdhar is another spiritual place to visit from Churwadhar Camping. Haripurdhar is very easy in reach with distance of 63 Km.

  • Renuka Ji nearby Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh

    Renuka Ji

    A place for those people who love serenity, lush green nature, wide natural lake, amazing surrise and sunset. A lion safari and a zoo are there at Renuka.

  • Nohradhar nearby Churwadhar Camping Rajgarh Himachal Pradesh

    Nohradhar Valley

    Nohradhar is a valley on the way to Churdhar. Ther are several routes to reach Churdhar peaks we must start our journey from Nohradhar village.

  • Habban-nearby-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    Habban Valley

    The Habban Valley is surrounded by forests and is located in the hills of Sirmaur, a lush green village that is 6770 ft in elevation and is 70 km from Solan.

  • Baru-Sahib-nearby-Churwadhar-Camping-Rajgarh-Himachal-Pradesh

    Baru Sahib

    Baru Sahib also known as the Valley of Divine Peace is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Very much easy in reach from Churwadhar Camping.


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This is the best time to visit Churwadhar Camping. Orchards are full of flowers. Enjoy green meadows and tree shadows.

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